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Binding Wounds
Immediately after combat, a PC can bind his or another’s wounds. This takes 10min. If the binding is interrupted, only a D3 is healed. Otherwise the victim heals 1 HD in damage. This only heals points lost in during this particular battle and does not heal conditions (poison, broken bones, etc.). If a Character with the occupation of Healer is doing the binding or aiding another the HD healed is stepped up one Die on the chain.

Fortifying Spirits
Once per day, an injured Character may down a flagon ale, wine, or stronger spirits to fortify himself for battle. This will heal a single HD+level of the imbiber. (conditions are not affected)

Complete Rest
A full night’s rest restores the Characters level in HD. So a third level Warrior rolls 3D12, etc. The character cannot participate in taking watches or any such activity, and upon awakening could find himself at the mercy of his enemies should a situation warrant such a thing.


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