The Village of Sturnheim covers an area of approximately 33 acres, upon which remain 2,000 people. Over the past four decades the great Sturnheim, Trade Capitol of the South, has withered to a mere tenth of it’s former glory. In days past Sturnheim lied upon the most traveled trade route between the Southern Seas. But in 1026, an entire caravan laden in gold disappeared from the route without a trace. After attempts to reclaim the honor of Sturnheim by several brave men ended in more death and further mystery, the powerful Merchant Guildmasters convened new routes, dooming the town to financial collapse and ruin.

Mayor Kalidar Blusterwind, retains governance over the village, a position maintained for the last decade of his lengthy life, a term that has heretofore persisted for half a century and four years. Kalidar rests uneasy in his court. He remembers well the tragedy of the caravan, and has but one living family member, a son from which he is estranged. He waits behind the great oaken doors walled behind hollow coffers and old dusty tomes, anxious to see who may enter, be it man or death come to depose him from his petty throne.

Sturnheim has 7 noble families. The peace is kept by 13 guardsmen and one Captain of the Guard, Valar Kesorson. There are 2 advocates to assist with legal matters. And, for those more concerned about their soul, there are 31 clergymen and 1 priest.

Below are listed the number of homesteads who earn their livelihood by craft and trade. The remaining citizenry fulfill their civic duty as contented peasants toiling in the field of the 7 noble manor houses six of seven days, and on the seventh pray for salvation to come to Sturnheim.

Bakers 2
Coopers 3
Locksmiths 0
Saddlers 1
Barbers 9
Copyists 1
Magic Shops 1
Scabbardmakers 1
Bathers 1
Cutlers 0
Maidservants 4
Sculptors 1
Beer-sellers 1
Doctors 1
Masons 5
Shoemakers 7
Blacksmiths 1
Fishmongers 1
Mercers 3
Spice Merchants 1
Bleachers 1
Furriers 10
Old Clothes 6
Tailors 3
Bookbinders 0
Glovemakers 1
Painters 1
Tanners 1
Booksellers 0
Harness-makers 1
Pastrycooks 4
Taverns 3
Buckle Makers 2
Hatmakers 1
Plasterers 0
Watercarriers 1
Butchers 1
Hay Merchants 1
Pursemakers 1
Weavers 4
Carpenters 3
Illuminators 1
Roofers 1
Wine-sellers 1
Chandlers 4
Inns 1
Ropemakers 1
Woodcarvers 0
Chicken Butchers 1
Jewelers 7
Rugmakers 1
Woodsellers 1


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