Rule #1: Every time a character drops to 0 hp they suffer a permanent -1* to an ability at random or judge’s discretion.
(*-1 per character level)

Rule #2: When a character reaches Level 1 (10xp) the player may pick one ability that is less than 10 and add 1d6 to that ability.

Rule #3: Thereafter when leveling the player will choose an ability they hope to raise and roll 4d6, discarding the lowest die. If the total of the 3 dice remaining is greater than or equal to the chosen stat increase that stat by 1 permanently.

Rule #4: Every 2 levels beginning with Level 2 the player is entitled to an automatic success, adding 1 to any ability score permanently.

To read more about Experience Points please visit: Experience Points
To read more about special cases for awarding experience please visit: Special Experience
If your character has died, please read Experience Points after Death



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