Harrow is famous for Castle Greyfaun, a unique academy where wealthy, naturally noble families send a child who is not set to inherit land or title but is still seen as worthy enough to deserve academia over banishment.

Castle Greyfaun has a reputation of honest renown, however sustains growing debate for teaching spells, incantations, and potion making. Many alumni live successful lives as learned scribes or sages in specialized fields. Though not all adhere to the mainstream, some of this academy becoming wizards or alchemists instead.

Protecting the Castle academy, the grounds and inhabitants are layered domes and fields infused with protective magic. Beyond the protective means of the arcane, is the Greyfaun Patrol; a comradeship of four mounted Griffin riders who scout all of Harrow, a castle guard of four heavy footmen, who maintain the gatehouse and patrol the castle at night, and a Wizard Adept, who can be found anywhere usually via teleportation spells.

There is always a staff of armed men protecting the Greyfaun Bridge & Lockhouse, a main toll along the road/river.


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