Earldom of Burgundy

The Earldom of Burgundy lies to the north of the fabled Borderlands, comprising a territory between the Cerulean Sea, and the Heäg Mountains. Much of the Earldom is unsettled, yet utilized for the bounty of the Cerulean Sea and the immense supply of lumber in the wild, dense, and dark Aarendwyrd Forest. It is bordered to the north by a gray wilderness of stone and snow capped pines, where legends say labyrinths of stone were carved beneath the hills in the age before man.

Stephenburg is a small stone walled seaport, noted for the settlement of two Burgundian noble families. In recent history the town has prospered with the creation of the Jaegermann Shipwright Guild, and the Jagermann Lumber Co. However in 1067, the entire town was sacked by a mysterious band of ‘forest reavers’, many of which were tall and slender archers with faces and physique more in-human than human.

Cedric’s Pass is the only route to the North for travelers seeking the gold and silver mines in the gray wilderness, or the legends of old. However, a the harsh winters bar even this renowned pass.

Strait of Loch to the south of Stephenburg the Strait of Loch provides access to the settlements further in-land within the Earldom. Notably Troeg, a charter town featuring hundreds of acres of farmland, orchards, and vineyards.

Troeg is regarded as the agricultural epicenter of the north-most canton of the Earldom of Burgundy. Here vast swaths of the forest Aarendwyrd, were cleared in the 9th and 10th centuries as realmlanders traveled north.

Heidelreid is the next closest town to Stephenburg, and traveled by road whereas the river Loch winds towards Troeg. The road is long however, and is a good day’s ride from Stephenburg, yet prospers at twice the size. This community was once known for a great number of Burgundy horses which were raised and bred here, before they were found elsewhere in the realm. In addition the town boasts fine fields of wheat, grain, and corn, and is not forgotten for the likes of a popular Brewery and Alehouse that likewise bear the town’s name.

Rochesdam neighbors Stephenburg, and itself is a coastal seaport upon the banks of Cerulean Sea. Where this community differs is in the fact that it borders a freshwater lake fed from the Heäg Mountains. Here a dam was constructed in the early 10th century, and has for the past century supplied the urban dwellers of the Earldom of Burgundy with a large portion of fresh water in months where rain is scarce. What’s more city builders constructed water wheels within the dam introducing hydropower for their mills. These innovations have seen the prosperity and riches of Rochesdam’s oldest families advance with every generation.

Emmettforde is the final town within the north canton of Burgundy. This town was built by Realmlanders in the early 9th century, upon one of the most fortunate plots of land, and is the oldest town of those aforementioned. It is here that the most prominent members of Northern Burgundy reside and direct business and pleasure for the rest of the canton. Emmettforde enjoys a location central to the other towns where road and river cross.


Heights of Chur This place is avoided by every captain and mariner from Cedric’s Pass to Fjorne’s Leap. It is widely believed to be a cursed place, hexed by waterbreathing men half fish and half man. Here wide-eyed and foolhardy curious wanderers will find a field of ships wrecked upon the rocks in low tide, their hulls draped upon the steeples, and bespeckled with barnacles, and all manner of creeping weed, fish and mollusk.

Fjorne’s Leap The southernmost seaport in the northern canton. This small town is both youngest and most beautiful. It is also the most distant from the wild wood of Aarendwyrd.

Monastery of St. Rudolf This monastery lies somewhere deep in the Aarendwyrd braced by the feet of Heäg Mountain. It’s reclusive location lends it protection and defense from wandering bands of ship raiders, and road thieves. And it is held that the faith of the monks blesses them in the holy protection of a higher power, blinding those that lurk in the darkness of the wood with a great light.

Aarendwyrd The great forest which cloaks the majority of the Earldom of Burgundy in a canopy of green summer leaves, and by autumn a 100 million, million leaves turn coat to match the glory of the October sky.


Earldom of Burgundy

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