Tag: deceased


  • Mors

    Mors was changed into a pony by the [[:hermit]] on Sunday, June 4th 1066. He was never changed back.

  • Naat

    Died in the [Caves of Chaos] after becoming severely wounded from a crossbow bolt to the eye, Naat was impaled by a crude spear thrown into his chest by a kobold. RIP

  • Zabeth

    Zabeth is a former Bee Keeper, a quiet and resolute man who at one time maintained several bee colonies for their honey, wax, and royal jelly, in the agricultural lands of the Realm of the West. He and his sister [[:Gwyn]] traveled east searching for a …

  • Ishtar

    Ishtar, _the beautiful lady of the marsh_, was encountered in the [[Lair of the Lizard Men]] Act: I Scene: XI. On the day the adventurers found the lair and killed all her 'loyal subjects' Ishtar decided that she could not part with the two men and one …

  • Buregard Tillan

    Captain Buregard Tillan is the leader of a militia composed of experienced soldiers and new recruits that stands in defense of [[New Haven]] and was given charge midyear 1067 to investigate an area of the Borderlands known as the [[Badlands]] after rumors …

  • Gaston

    Gaston met a grisly demise at the hands of a dark robed cultist who consumed him in a conflagration of fiery wrath.

  • Khumbanigesh

    The life and times of Khumbanigesh came to a close in a frigid mountain pass, near the stable of a frost giant. The arctic behemoth hoisted a great stone in the air, hurling it towards the humble cleric who desperately attempted to avoid its path... alas …