All Treasure


A list of all noteworthy non-named treasure items, earned during the exploit of adventurous plunder!


Act: I Scene: VI The Halls of the Dead
Argosa recovers a valuable piece of half plate armor from the Catacombs. Pays the Blacksmith 400 silver to repair it.

Act: I Scene: VIII Violet
Argosa defeats the Reaver King in the Caves of Chaos and loots a valuable gold necklace with a sparkling gem. The Jewel Merchant identifies the gem as a diamond and values the necklace at 1660 (Marketplace) to 3320 silver (Nearby City).

Act: I Scene: XI Lair of the Lizard Men
Tinaroth looted a gold necklace from a Lizard Man in The Marshes, but suffered a permanent scar and a loss of constitution in the acquisition. The necklace has a mysterious, exotic gold medallion attached to the chain. In the same scene Argosa found a gold ingot of immense worth, beneath a nest of Lizard Man eggs, also beneath the nest were two potions. one for each man.

Act: I Scene: XI Lair of the Lizard Men
Argosa, Tinaroth and Gwyn claimed Ishtar’s Treasure Horde after slaying the powerful snake sorceress in her sleep. The treasure horde is by far the greatest discovery of wealth and valuable items, magical and mundane.

All Treasure

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