Staff of Striking

Azzmere's Staff of Striking

weapon (melee)

This weapon confers + 3 to hit, and 1d6 + 9 damage on a successful strike.

Less than 12 charges remain on Azzmere’s staff of striking.

Azzmere confered a protection against fire enchantment on the staff. The Staff then protects the wielder as a ring of fire resistance +3.


Staffs of Striking are made by the Gold Elves of Drelagara on Evermeet. The staffs have a life of their own and jump to attack in their bearer’s hand. The elven craftsmen rarely sell them to other races but these powerful melee weapons do surface occasionally in non-elven hands. However, each attack made with the staff uses a charge, hence causing it to consume itself when no charges remain.

Staff of Striking

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