Demon Sword

weapon (melee)

Ssulithus confers a +1 bonus to damage & +1 to hit.


This iron sword was crafted by a Reiklander blacksmith centuries ago. Through a series of events lost to the annals of time, the blade passed into the abyss and became the possession of Ssilith a minor Devil, soultrader that once trafficked the blasted lands before her demotion. Ssilith eager to reclaim her power enhanced the sword with hellish incantations of the 666 layers of hell, imbuing it with a host of souls that yearn for bloodshed. Ssilith and the sword remained in the infernal plane for an age until the day she was summoned by a demonologist megalomaniac. Once on the material plane, the unstable Ssilith was herself slave to the binding ties of a carefully prepared cult ritual. Ssilith was bound to serve her lord, for he knew her name. The devil and her blade remained trapped in a temple high in a mountain ridge to the East of the Realms of Man, for year outlasting the lifetime of the dark summoner.

Many years later the barbarian Jalyve would confront the current owner of Ssilithus and become the newest master of the Black Iron Blade. Though dark eyes were watching, and soon an iron eating beast was sent to consume the ferrous smell of Jalyve’s arms and armor. The time of Ssilithus was at end, it would seem it could not live beyond the length of time of its devilish enchanter, and would thirst for blood no more…


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