Neconilis II

Contains 6 Chapters


Neconilis II contains the following spells:

  • Chapter 1: alarm, burning hands, chill touch, detect undead, friends, jump, magic missile, protection from good, read magic, spook, wizard mark
  • Chapter 2: deafness, detect good, improved phantasmal force, magic mouth, whispering wind, wizard lock
  • Chapter 3: explosive runes, hold undead, non-detection, secret page, vampire touch
  • Chapter 4: emotion, enchant weapon, curse
  • Chapter 5: animate dead, summon shadow
  • Chapter 6: summon least yugoloth

This is the first tome of magic knowledge from the Neconilian Dynasty ever discovered by anyone, and the first book compiled by Neconilis himself. However after creating subsequent tomes of magic knowledge, the wizard tyrant advanced and altered spells within this tome and reordered it chronologically among the five volumes filing it second to a tome which included a range of spells within the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th magnitudes.
He considered that tome to consist of more edificial practices of magic and thus more essential. Thusly, it was ordered as the first of the five volumes. The yugoloth Yagdoo moved this particular tome to a new location in the final year of it’s presence on the material plane after a scouting band of militia men from New Haven arrived in the badlands, and an aging hermetic wizard came too close to finding it.

Neconilis II

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