musical instrument

Right: Abaroth the Spellbinder with Esmeralda

It is with Esmeralda that Tinaroth first found he too possessed his father’s gift of bardic song and sound. But it was truly his second great gift from his father, the first being the inherited talents of performance and showmanship.


Esmeralda had been Abaroth’s father’s and his father’s before that. Who Esmeralda was and why the lute came to be known by that name Abaroth never explained to his young son. Tinaroth had always wondered that if his father would have had the time, what the story would have been. He wondered about a lot of things, he had such insatiable lust for the gathering of why things are the way they are, and the lore of the world around him.

Tinaroth thought often of his father. It had seemed Abaroth’s fame had become such that it worked against him, leading to his untimely demise. His father’s death was never explained, other than in his last moments Abaroth imparted his son that it is imperative he must leave the group and journey to Sartosa, then he passed Esmeralda to his son, and for the first time Tinaroth held the legendary lute in his hands, it seemed to radiate something he had never felt before. Something arcane, and wonderful. The last seconds of his father’s life began to flicker as Abaroth spoke his final word, “Se- Sez…” he coughed and choked and looked to the ceiling as the final syllables left his mouth like a trailing vapor. “…Rekan”.


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