Axe of Seigfreid

Battle Axe

weapon (melee)

Same as Battle axe (1d8 damage)

Master Craftsmanship: Fumble Table 4-2 pg.80 In addition to reverse LUCK modifier a further -1 is applied to the roll.

(If using the print-out use the actual LUCK modifier and add a +1 to the roll.)


This axe was looted from the corpse of the Reaver King, an immensely strong and cunning creature with the snout of a canine and thick mottled fur, but the articulate dexterity of a man. The Reaver King, ruled in a small cave within the Caves of Chaos, over a band of dog-men the adventurers’ learned are called Kobolds by the soldiers of the Keep.

When the axe was brought to the Blacksmith Siegfried Freuh Tinaroth learned that the axe had actually belonged to Herr Freuh’s father, also Siegfried. The Axe of Siegfried was the most masterful of his father’s works and opposed to succumbing to the creeping limitations of old age his father set out to the caves to end his life in the glory he knew as a youth swinging sword and shield against the darkness of the world.

Axe of Seigfreid

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