Cleric of Amun Tor


Level: 2
Class: Cleric
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Grave Digger

Attributes Value MOD Current
STR 12 0 12
AGL 10 0 10
STA 13 +1 13
INT 18 +3 18
PER 10 0 10
Luck 11 0 11

Current XP: xx Next Level at: 110
Khumbanigesh’s XP
Languages: Common

AC Spd Ini HP Hit Dice Fortitude Save Reflex Save Will Save
13 30 +0 15 D8 0 +1 +1

Base Weapon Proficiencies:
MELEE: Club, Dagger, Quarter Staff, Hand Axe, Spear, Long Sword
RANGED: Spear, Dagger, Short Bow, Cross Bow, Sling

Inventory: add items here


The life and times of Khumbanigesh came to a close in a frigid mountain pass, near the stable of a frost giant. The arctic behemoth hoisted a great stone in the air, hurling it towards the humble cleric who desperately attempted to avoid its path… alas the great weight of the stone fell upon him, crushing the very life out from his soul… RIP


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