Fables of the Borderlands

Lair of the Lizard Men

Act: I Scene: XI

Tinaroth and Argosa awake in the morning to find that Zabeth and Gwyn are mysteriously missing. They begin searching the area and discover large 3-toed tracks the size of a man’s foot print. And attempt their best to make sense of the prints, but to no avail. They collect the few belongings left behind by their friends as the evidence of a terrible abduction begins to set in their minds.

Together, they make their best attempt to follow the trail into the swampland marshes and successfully track the path to a wide clearing in which leads to a clearing in the swampland. In the center is a wide mound covered in diverse marsh vegetation.

The Characters explore the area around the mound looking for a way to enter the mound from the rear. But see only snakes and frogs, living in the watery clearing. They suppose that if there is a rear entrance that it is accessible only by submerging beneath the water through a tunnel.

They circle around and approach the mouth of at the front of the mound. Argosa in the front, wades through the swamp water, just as Tinaroth hears an insidious reptilian hiss. In an instant Argosa feels the painful sting of a wasp on his neck, but reaching to smack the little devil finds the sting came from a blow dart, a needle drips with black ichor into the brachish water at his feet, but whatever poison may have downed him was resisted by the good fortune and fortitude of the paladin of Amun Tor.

The green scaled monster, advanced forward a blow gun in hand and a crude axe at it’s side. Both men engaged the reptilian, swords in hand. Argosa, lunged and sliced through the air with his sword, missing his opponent, as Tinaroth lowered his balance and leaned forward with a quick thrust with Whisker. The thin sword bent against the thick defensive lizard hide, but the incredibly sharp tip pierced the scaly layer and drew first blood. The reptile hissed at Tinaroth, it’s inhuman gaze narrowed on the Bard, and swung it’s crude axe just above the shoulder missing Tinaroth. Argosa taking advantage of the lizard man’s new focus to strike it in the arm, another gash of blood sprayed from the creature sprinkling down and mingling with the swamp water in which they stood and thrashed.

The lizard man had hardly seemed to notice the second wound, and dropped its weapon to the water, reverting to instinct it opened it’s wide mouth exposing its short pointy teeth, and muscular prognathic jaws… Tinaroth could scarcely evade as the reptile bit down hard on his shoulder, tackling the man and overbearing him with its heavy body, Tinaroth fell into the shallow water in which they fought, as the Lizard man quickly determined to drown him. The bard was no match whatsoever to the insane strength of his foe, and knew instantly if his friend was unable to save him, he would surely die here in the fetid waters of the marsh. But Argosa had the chance he needed to save his friend’s life, the broad muscular back of the Lizard man posed a very vulnerable target to the paladin, who merely had to raise his sword high to plunge it sure and deep into the heart and lungs of the reptile creature. In seconds the fight was over, Argosa put his boot upon the body of the lizard and withdrew his sword from the deep and fatal wound, Tinaroth burst to the surface and took a very need gulp of air. As the men caught their breath they turned to face the mouth of the mound determined to enter and find their lost companions; Gwyn and Zabeth. Before they could count the moment, another Lizard appeared out of the darkness, it’s sullen yellow eyes burning with hostility told the men they would again fight for their lives.

Never, ever in their lives had the two men felt such opposition. The powerful lunges, loud hissing threats, the size and speed of the lizardfolk race was unlike anything they had ever seen or heard of in their short, sheltered lives back in the Realm. The Lizrd man fought with the capability of two men, soldiers all their lives. It took everything the heroes had to defend themselves, and then things turned for the worse. The tall lizard creature grabbed Argosa with two huge hands pinning his arms to his side and immediately clamped it’s prehistoric jaws damaging Argosa’s half plate, and bruising his flesh beneath the metal pressure plates. Next the Lizard placed his foot behind Argosa’s heel forcing him off his balance and tripping the fighter. A huge splash accompanied the heroes plunge into the fetid waters. Argosa quickly began to drown. Tinaroth armed with Whisker slashed and jabbed with his fine sword attempting his best to murder the lizard brute before it could drown his friend. Over and over the two turned, man and reptile, Argosa taking the biggest gulp of air he could before being twisted back beneath the water, by the instinctive predator. Tinaroth groped for his dagger, knowing that if he didn’t soon kill the damn reptillian it would succeed in filling his lungs with water, Tinaroth piercing the creature from above could see small fountains of red blood spill from the scaly hide of the lizard man, but the creature didn’t seem to notice. Argosa’s fingers wrapped around the handle of his knife, and once it was free it’s sheath the paladin, plunged it again and again and again into the back of his adversary. As quickly as it had started the creature had been defeated, it’s body hacked and mutilated layed half submerge in the reddened water, both men were more than glad it was not them that they looked at.

After the battle and after the Lair was cleared the Adventurers decided to wait out the storm, after waiting two hours A Naga arrived, a short fight ensued that ended when both of the adventurers were deeply charmed. At two months they both simultaneously break out of the spell but she was able to detect their thoughts.

When Tinaroth went to charm her she instead put them both under a new charm spell of her own, which manifested as a black cloud. One week later on the 9th week only Argosa awoke but this time he realized she was in his thoughts. He tried to kill her while doing a sword trick but failed twice and on the second attempt, also failed to block Ishtar (Naga) from his thoughts. She became violently mad and stung him and put him into a lasting nightmere.

When he awoke he was again charmed but broke the spell with a successful will save on the 10th week (mid September). He prayed well to Amun Tor, receiving a +5 bonus. This bonus also broke Gwyn from the charm spell but not Tinaroth (Pnoth). Argosa (Ollub) and Gwyn ran back to the cave while Ishtar slept (during the day-time). Argosa again prayed to Amun Tor, Gwyn became limned in a brilliant aura, and a heavenly host sang softly as Argosa was blessed.

Argosa and Gwyn sneak into her lair while she is asleep and attack her seven times, slashing open the larynx in one attack and finally beheading the monster.


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