The Hamlet of Thorne

The Greyfaun Census of 1065 listed Thorne, the larger neighboring settlement to Benhaste, at a population exceeding six score grown men and women. However due to the delayed salvation of Thorne from the Hound of Harrow, the population dropped to 31 (youth under 13 years not included). In addition, A large number of cottage homes remain vacant since the close of the mine 40 years ago.
At the time, following the demise of the Hound, proprietors of the (Silver Horn Inn) Wolf Spear closed their doors, and relocated. This property has since become the location for the government office and two stores. One shop sells magic supplies, the other sells provisions for the village settlers. Greyfaun headmaster, Sedgewick Theodore Grimm established both businesses to keep the hamlet from total ruination. However, without the arrival or training of Craftsmen, Tradesmen, and other professionals, it is unlikely the town will survive.

Inhabitants of Thorne are mildly predatory of outsiders, especially since the departure of the mining community and more recently the Inn. Making them unfriendly, selling high and buying any goods that come their way, low.

The settlements of Harrow occasionally feel threatened by “the white serpent” who the cultists call Zuul. Whether this creature is Drake or a young Dragon has yet to be confirmed by a living sage. Pupils of Greyfaun are at risk of expulsion to determine for themselves, otherwise many would have tried and likely fallen into mortal peril. Before his disappearance (in search of Harrow’s West Dungeon) Sir Uldor Rookland, wore an amulet that it is believed to ward off the white serpent.


Harrow’s NPC’s
Cultists the Way of the Shroud
The cultist wears all white cloth fabric including a shroud face covering that is transparent enough for them to look through, but no facial features are recognizable. The shroud is draped over their heads and tied around the neck with a soft cord to prevent it from slipping or removing. Padded or quilted tunics are worn over the cloth for added warmth. Soft shoes cover the feet.
Apart from their clothing the cultists appear to have forgone possession, but a knife or dagger is always kept hidden near or under the tunic. And all other necessary items are kept at the shrine, where the cultists reside.


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