The Timeline

The Campaign unfolds beginning with The Tower of the Black Pearl during the middle of the month of May in the year of our lord 1066.

May 15: Monday Fate brought together a group of 8 wanderers across a dead man’s map that ultimately lead them to the forgotten tower of the black pearl.

May 16: Tuesday Early Morning. Only 4 of the group emerged from the tower with a mysterious Black Pearl before it was engulfed by the rising tides of the sea and her deep waters. Two men and two halflings, the sole survivors of an ordeal that claimed the lives of their former associates and a crew from the pirate ship, Black Mariah, including her infamous Captain: Savage Quenn.

May 17-26: The four survivors fled the Realm along The Eastern Path, against the fervent pursuit of the Sheriff and his bounty hunters, and against the half orc mongrel pirates seeking murderous revenge and the black pearl to take as their own. The pearl however was no longer anywhere near any of the survivors for they had exchanged it for a small fortune with the mysterious merchant from Sartosa.

May 27: Saturday The Keep at Last the four arrived at the fringes of the Realm, and entered the Keep on the Borderlands for safe refuge. Argosa having been somehow touched by forces paranormal to the Realm begins to become convinced that the prophetic mysteries of his recent thoughts and dreams are now substantiated by the deja vu he experiences upon entering the Borderlands and Keep. But little does anyone know what is yet to come. The four meet the Innkeeper and the Kulick Brothers. For the first time in 10 days the four enjoy a warm meal and good drink and retire to beds far more comfortable than the dangerous ground they slept upon for nearly a fortnight.

May 28: Sunday Sometime after 12:00 AM the hour of the dead. The characters witnessed a harrowing attack of a blackened figure upon the slight frame of a helpless woman. The Evil Eyes which stared at them drew equal measures of fear and curiosity as the four survivors became heroes rescuing the maiden, and pursued the shadow into the Catacombs.

May 29: Monday After narrowly surviving the horrors of The Catacombs and The Halls of the Dead the heroes return to the Tavern to recuperate with wine and victual before retiring to the tavern inn for the night.

May 30: Tuesday The Heroes explore the Keep and meet with some of the merchants and important members of the area. Including the Moneylender, Blacksmith, Provisioner, Trader, and Curate. On this day Argosa acquires a valuable recipe for producing antidote from the Curate, and purchases a mount: Mysterio. Mors purchases a set of thief tools at the Loan Bank. The heroes spend another night in the Inn.

May 31 Wednesday Tinaroth discovers he is the true son of Abaroth, while using Esmeralda to Charm the Sheriff. The Sheriff leaves taking most of his bounty hunters with him And Argosa picks up his half plate from the Blacksmith now that it is fixed. however Argosa is discovered by two bounty hunters who may have killed him were it not for the intervention of the Priest. They are offered to spend the night in one of his private apartments. The Priest tells the adventurers that they must root out the evil in the Caves of Chaos, and offers the assistance of his converts and himself in the pursuit of that holy quest.

June 1 Thursday The heroes make their first excursion into the dangerous borderlands in search of the Caves of Chaos. After a 12 hour hike the men make camp only to be attacked by a large poisonous spider, and later the two persistent bounty hunters from the day before. A young Gold Scaled Dragon interrupts the final strokes of battle by dropping a meal into a tributary of The River Lech, a fair elven lady, Violet.

June 2 Friday Unable to remain in the campsite, the heroes choose to move northward along the Road of Faith before becoming exhausted and camping at 3 in the morning between the edges of the road and the close edges of the dark woodland. By 7am the party awakens to a large boar which badly injures Argosa scarring him for life. Tinaroth nearly suffers death, but Mors kills the beast. After recuperating and eating roasted boar flesh the party spends the rest of a rainy day in search of the Caves of Chaos. Naat notices important changes in the mountain ranges and leads the party into a vast ravine, thereby discovering the fabled caves. By nightfall, the party has killed a horde of vicious dog-men, and their King. A merchant, and several treasures are recovered but Naat never leaves the caves he has found, for a crude spear was hurled fatally into his chest.

June 3 Saturday (2nd week at the Keep) The following morning passes with gloom. Tinaroth runs for a wheel he recalls having seen along the Road of Faith, to repair the wrecked Merchant cart found in the ravine near the mouth of the cave they entered. The group notices the vast ravine has more than one dark cavern mouth along its basin and ascending it’s steep rocky sides. They fight a small group of dark skinned brutes in crude and beaten armor, with faces so ugly they’ve dull yellow eyes and grown tusks in their mouths, speaking in a language common to no man. That night they make a hurried escape towards the Keep, with the roaring sounds of a dragon echoing across the sky.

June 4 Sunday The early morning brought the sleepy fear struck adventurers another curiousity as they slowed once that day. An odd and old man sat across the low bough of a tree which stretched across the path, a large black cat in it’s lap. It is on this fateful day that the adventurers met the Hermit Zagyg, who claimed to be the true King of the Keep on the Borderlands, and asked for a ride upon their wagon. They accepted and their lives again took a fateful turn. Mors was changed into a pony later in the afternoon by the mysterious powers of the hermit for his insolent tone. When the party arrived with the Hermit at the Keep, he walked through the Main Gate without notice…

…Before the nights end Tinaroth and Argosa had a meeting with the Guild Master that ended on a very sour note, but later met with the Captain of the Guard and showed them the decapitated head of the evil Reaver King. The captain told them some important information on the race of monsters they faced, and provided them with a view of a plateau on which the site of a great and future city, the city Greyhawk would be built when the Borderlands are again safe.

June 5 Monday
Two newcomers arrive at the Main Gate. Zabeth a beekeeper and Gwyn a costermonger, brother and sister enter the Keep on the Borderlands in the hopes of achieving success in an area of lower competition and presumably less trouble. They instead immediately find confrontation from the Kulick Brothers, and other people of power in the community. However the forge a budding friendship with two others who are beginning to sense an opposition of their own…
…Beginning with the discovery of the apartment promised to them by the Priest to be locked, the store of every shop closed to them, and finding Violet rendered unconscious while a fire begins to burn at the stables, where Mors is waiting, an assassination attempt is made against the Castellan and things only get worse. By nightfall, the two heroes and their two friends find themselves in the Dungeon, and Gwyn under the extreme duress of torture. The heroes are stripped of their possessions and throne in a dank stone cell which they share with hungry rats for the night. Gwyn agrees to bear witness that the heroes attempted to murder the Castellan.

June 6 Tuesday
The heroes are brought before Lord Hategood and his jury to be weighed in the balance of the law. After a short trial the heroes are found guilty and sentenced to death by beheading immediately. Argosa prays for assistance, and a crown appears above tinaroth’s head, as he begins to sing, everyone in Court Hategood is moved to sorrow and sentiment of mercy except the good judge. The Castellan though weakened is in attendance, and gives them his pardon. After an altercation with a member of the Guild Tinaroth is sent back to jail temporarily, after his release the group leaves the Keep in search of Lizardmen in The Marshes, on their way the party explores a small rural community thriving near the Keep between Castle Road and the The River Lech.

June 7 Wednesday
The party leaves the riverside farm and fisherman community around 6am with the help of a fisherman, Oskar, who they pay to take them as close to The Marshes as he’s willing to go in search of the hideous Lizard Folk. Before finding any such monsters almost every life is claimed in a small field of quick sand during the rainy mid-day. As dusk begins to gather the party finds themselves deeper and deeper in the marshes, arguably lost and fighting to remain separate from the local food chain…

June 8 Thursday
On this fateful morning Argosa and Tinaroth wake up and find that their two companions; Gwyn and Zabeth have been taken during the night. They track the kidnappers to a mound where they end up battling a group of Lizard Men. It proves to be a day of horrible tragedy when, one of the heroes gives up his life to save two others. Were it not for Zabeth’s actions, Argosa and Tinaroth would surely have died in the Lair of the Lizard Men. However things take a turn for things most evil and bazaar when the survivors realize that the lair is actually governed by a powerful monster named Ishtar.

The survivors spend 8 weeks under the spell of the sorceress snake demon named Ishtar, who they adore with loving devotion and absolute servitude of such intensity they lose all interest of self preservation or self interest until two of the three slaves awake from Ishtar’s charm.

August 3 Saturday
While out fishing one day Argosa and Tinaroth both suddenly become self aware of how much they have let themselves go. Both have beards, and wear little clothes and have spent almost every thought on their lovely Ishtar. When they return to the lair, they are reviled at her hideous, and evil features which they had grown to find so attractive. They plan to murder their master in hopes that will free them from their bondage, but somehow she is able to interrupt their plan as though she could read their minds. A puff of black smoke fills the air, and the two again fall for their lovely idol.

August 17 Saturday
Something interrupts the normal affections of Argosa’s thoughts during the afternoon while he perforoming his normal list of duties for Ishtar. He is reminded of his lost connection to his patron deity; Amun Tor. He immediately drops to his knees praying to the mysterious god for deliverance from the demon snake Ishtar. He is granted a tremendous blessing, and is able to awake Gwyn as well. Together they plot to murder Ishtar in her noon day slumber, taking great heed to block their thoughts once they enter her chamber. Their success ends the 10 week long tyrannical terror of Ishtar, and wakes up Tinaroth as well. The survivors take her treasures and finally leave the Lizard Man lair of Ishtar.

August 25 Sunday
Argosa and Tinaroth The Lost Adventurers have since wrecked the boat porloined from Ishtar’s horde, and have set themselves the challenge to escape from The Marshes by foot.

Meanwhile, a seperate group of wild eyed fools set out mid-week, from the Inn of Innkeeper Erwin Kuhn who bark of replacing the normal humdrum of life with aspirations for adventure. They later discover an abandoned elevator shaft in the center of some ruins on the ridge of the Barrow Vault mountains, north of the Keep.

September 1 Sunday
They later discover an abandoned elevator shaft in the center of some ruins on the ridge of the Barrow Vault mountains, north of the Keep. The party includes a barbarian, a dwarf, and two elves.

September 2 Monday
The party discovers the temple is haunted by a spirit and possesses a mysterious, perhaps violent past. A befuddling insect worshiping hedge wizard is discovered laying in one of the catacombs. A wily gnome that had been secretly following the party (Jynxz) all the way from the Keep arrives at the entrance and proceeds to enter the abandoned temple.

September 3 Tuesday
The party unwittingly releases a death knight from a sarcophagus in defeating him he claims the soul of the hedge wizard whose body is transported into the tomb and then magically sealed.

September 4 Wednesday
The party discovers a mysterious deck of cards one of the cards alters the fate of the Dwarf forever. In an instant he disappears into a black void and is never seen again.

September 6 Friday
The party unravels enough of the history of The Haunted Temple the temple that they end up summoning a watchful devil from the abyss. After heavy injury to body and mind the group eventually defeats the temple’s evil occupant and set out Into the Mountainous Wilderlands.

Here ends the record of the adventurers so named in this timeline. No further messengers have returned with further information; relegating the knowledge regarding the fate and whereabouts of these persons to the realm of the unknown.

The Timeline

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