The Resten River

Resten River is named after the adventurer king, Wolfgang Resten J├Ągermeister.

The Resten River consists of two branches. The East Resten River flows from The Marshes where it joins the West Resten River and the two merge flowing south for 13 miles until they pass through Restenford and flow into the Resting Lake.

The Eastern branch of the Resten River can be seen on the Borderlands Map, as the waterway that flows South West from the The River Lech.

The West Resten River is a subterranean river that flows from under Mt. Saint Cuthbert, on which the Keep on the Borderlands is structured, a distance of 1.4 miles until it emerges along the Western face of the Xerbal Mountains located in the Southlands. The West Resten River journeys 26 miles south, passing the Dweomer Forest, and merging with its Eastern companion, they together flow the last 13 miles south reaching Restenford and the Resting Lake.
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The Resten River

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