The Marshes

The Marshes are an area of many square kilometers of low lying land that barely rises above The River Lech.

It is an area infested with multitudes of small reptiles and insects, that inhabit the bogs and fens amidst other dangerous and fearsome creatures far higher on the food chain…

In addition to the monsters of the marshlands, intrepid but nonetheless unprepared and unfamiliar adventurers may find that many natural hazards abound in the fetid moors of the marshes. Low lying areas of soft sandy soil and a never ending supply of water, and regular rain fall have created areas of quick sand ranging from small pools to fields of this very, very dangerous terrain.

Adventurers risk their lives against these threats and other fatal secrets of the marshes in search of fabled treasures, and to fight back against the rumored presence of a growing Lizardfolk society which is said to call this humid hell a home. A threat to the safety of the River Lech, and Castle Road and eventually perhaps even the Keep itself.

The Marshes

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