The Haunted Temple

An adventuring band consisting of a Dwarf, Jaleve the Barbarian, and an Elf sorceress discovered the ruins of a tower built long ago on the spine of the Barrow Vault mountains, North of the Keep on the Borderlands.

Within the Tower courtyard the trio descended a deep shaft that lead them to a forgotten place of the underdark. Before long the group discovered the location was some sort of temple built for the edification of the cult of St. Cuthbert. But there was something much more sinister and mysterious about this place.

The moans of spirits broke the silence in eerie wails, the deeper the group explored, and ghosts made their presence known by clanging iron bars, and slamming doors shut that had been open moments before…

Still more was too be discovered, but with every moment the adventurers spent in the dungeon the mystery of the place became much stranger, and the group found that the haunted temple was beginning to affect them in permanent, cruel ways…

…Through a series of events only understood by the three fates, the haunted temple was visited by two more adventuring souls; an intrepid rogue named Nadia, and a strange gnome who went by Jynkzz.

The Haunted Temple

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