Hogshead Tavern

This building is the jewel of the fountain square. It’s wide and welcoming double doors face the fountain, above the door an enormous boars head is seen, and within its toothy maw, a wooden apple painted rose red resides. Perched at the ledge of each window, are wooden flower boxes, with colorful vines of spring and summer in verdant display for most of the year.

The jovial Innkeeper Erwin Kuhn is the heart of this establishment, year after year maintaining an excellent reputation for good food and drink. He is assisted by his son Erik, daughter Eve, and wife Magda. A serving wench, pot boy, and scullion also provide loyal service.

The Hogshead Tavern always seems to be active day and night, on occasion dignified inhabitants of the Outer Bailey enjoy their supper by the hearth. Wanderers from the demi races of man and myth draw to the tavern comforts, and mercenaries gather to share stories and sell the service of the sword.


Ale 1qt. 8 c.p. Soup 5 c.p.
Small Beer 2 c.p. Stew 1 s.p.
Wine 1qt. 4 s.p. Roast Fowl 1 s.p.
Honey Mead 1qt. 1 s.p. Roast Joint 1 s.p.
Bark Tea 5 c.p. Hot Pie 1 s.p.
Bread 1 c.p./slice Cheese 8 c.p./ 8oz
Pudding 5 c.p./bowl Apple 1 c.p.

Hogshead Inn
This long low structure is constructed in the alpine manner the same as the tavern. It has five small private rooms and a large common room, big enough to rest a dozen. Servants see to the maintenance of the Inn, and any work that needs done within the tavern as well.

Private rooms cost 4.6 s.p. a night, but sleeping in the common room is only 2 s.p. per night.


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