Description – Gary Gygax

SMITHY AND ARMORER: This building is about 20’ high, with the usual 5’ parapet above and walls pierced for defense. The lower floor is occupied by a forge, bellows,and other items. Here horses and mules are shod, weapons made, armor repaired and similar work done. The smith is also an armorer, and has two assistants.

There are currently: 2 swords, 1 mace, a suit of man-sized chainmail, and 11 spears in the shop.

Further Information – Godric McKellan

Master Blacksmith Siegfried Freuh and his two sons, Johann and Hans provide the inhabitants of the Keep with the necessary tools, and iron building materials necessary to live a normal day to day life.

Armor of the Forge: Sigmund Freuh

Studded Leather 45gp
Scale Mail 80gp
Chain Mail 150gp
Banded Mail 250gp
Half-plate 550gp
Full plate 1200gp

Weapons of the Forge: Sigmund Frueh

Battle axe 7gp
Dagger 3gp
Hand axe 4gp
Long sword 10gp
Mace 5gp
Spear 5sp
Sword 7gp
Two-handed sword 15gp
Warhammer 5gp


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