Rumors and Hearsay

May 27 Saturday Argosa learns of a merchant in the Caves of Chaos who if rescued will reward his heroes handsomely.

May 27 Saturday While performing for an old couple in the Tavern, Tinaroth learns that Nastalia, a beautiful cousin to the Castellan has been lost to the Borderlands, and is believed to have been taken into the Caves of Chaos.

May 27 Saturday While speaking with some children inside the Keep Mors hears a tale of dog men that live in some caves in the Borderlands.

May 30 Tuesday Meeting with the Curate for the first time Argosa learns a recipe to cure poison.

  • Root of the Augur Tree
  • Lizard Gullet Sack
  • 1 Red Duchess a fruit from a grove in the North East woods

He is told to beware the Bloodsedge.

June 4 Sunday A strange Hermit named Zagyg tells the heroes the roaring they heard was the voice of a friend of his, a golden dragon named Aurumbaruk.

The hermit tells them he was the King of the Keep on the Borderlands before being deposed by his enemies.

June 6 Tuesday The Corporal of the Watch tells the party that Lizard Men have been spotted in the Marshes south of Castle Road.

June 7 Wednesday A fisherman who lives near The River Lech told the adventurers that Lizard Men have been known to drag men to the bottom of the river and drown them.

He also told them that before the Marshes mysteriously swallowed up the rivers and land South of Castle Road the River Lech was used to transport goods, cargo, and travelers, from one end to the other. However very few boat captains are so intrepid that they are willing to risk everything to make use of the dangerous waterway.

June 8, 1066 to August 17, 1066 during the ordeal with Ishtar the heroes learned their way around the swamp, the locations of many of the dangerous quick sand pits, and the path of the river. They also learned of some of the other natural perils of The Marshes and are aware of the rumored ‘gods of the deep’ prehistoric watchers in the water that have claimed the ships and lives of the sailors who once used The River Lech as transport for goods to and from The Southlands, the direction the Lech travels. Lastly they were told by the Serpentine Sorceress that The Widow Pines are the territory of an intelligent, huge spider named Lydia, and that they must honor the Black Queen by never setting foot in her domain.

Rumors and Hearsay

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