Appendix N Revelry Rules for the DCC RPG
Source: Colin

Appendix N characters seldom start any adventure particularly better off than they were before, and frequently squander their hard-won money and treasure on temporary pleasures. When a DCC character finishes an adventure and returns to whatever passes for civilization for rest and recuperation, follow this process to determine the results of their carousing:

1) Make a Luck check to see how much they squandered. If the roll succeeds they spent 1d5 x 10% of the wealth and treasure they acquired from the adventure. If the roll fails, they spent (1d5 x10%) + 50% of their gains instead.

2) Roll on the following percentile table to see what happened. Some results are beneficial, many can serve as the springboard for further adventures, and others are simply fun. In any regard, the Judge determines the specifics of any items and circumstances. In some cases, the Judge may apply the same result to all characters in the group in order to better facilitate further adventures.

Percentile Roll Drunken Debauchery Result
01-02 Behold My Grace! You boasted of your adroitness! Make an Agility check vs. DC 15 to see if you showed true prowess or bungled it! Roll 1d6: 1-2 = Balancing on a Ledge/Beam/Rope, 3 = Bull-Leaping, 4 = Dancing, 5 = Five-Finger Fillet, 6 = Juggling Random Items.
03-04 Behold My Might! You boasted of your strength! Make a Strength check vs. DC 15 to see if you actually managed something impressive! Roll 1d6: 1-3 = Arm Wrestling, 4-5= Wrestling Match, 6 = Lifting Heavy Objects.
05 Big Business! You invested your money in a merchant’s caravan/ship venture! Judge secretly rolls 1d6: 1-2 = It’s a con, 3-4 = It’s legitimate, and in 2d6 months you’ll have doubled your investment (if you’re still alive and around!), 5-6 = It’s legitimate, but the caravan/ship didn’t survive.
06-08 Brotherly Love! You woke up next to one of the other players’ characters (Judge determines randomly)!
09-11 Brrr… Chilly! Someone stole your clothes when you were intoxicated!
12-14 Dangerous Liaison! You bedded the son/daughter/husband/wife/temple virgin of someone who can make your life in this area very difficult! Roll 1d6: 1 = Local Crime Lord, 2 = Local Militia Commander, 3 = Local Sorcerer, 4 = Local Temple Leader, 5-6 = Most Important Local Leader/Noble!
15-22 Drunken Brawl! You started a drunken brawl! You must spend a further 1d2 x 10% of your money on damages and fines to avoid incarceration, or flee and be declared outlaw!
23 Fire! You accidentally started a fire in the inn/den of ill repute you were carousing in! You must spend a further 1d4 x 10% of your money on damages and fines to avoid incarceration, or flee and be declared outlaw!
24-31 Gambling! You gambled away your money on a game! Roll 1d6: 1 = Dice Game, 2= Card Game, 3 = Cock Fight, 4 = Dog Fight, 5 = Arm/Wrestling Match, 6 = Pit Fight
32-34 Go Directly To Jail! You woke up in jail charged with a crime! Roll 1d6: 1-2 = Drunken Disorderly, 3 = Lewd Conduct, 4 = Vandalism, 5 = Theft, 6 = Murder. You decide if your character did it or not. An escape may be needed…
35-37 Have At You! You incurred someone’s anger or were angered yourself, and have agreed to a duel, physical or sorcerous! Judge secretly rolls 1d6: 1-2 – They’re lower level, 3-4 = They’re the same level, 5-6 = They’re higher level. Judge also secretly rolls 1d4 to see how much their level deviates from yours.
38-40 How’d I Get Here? You woke up in a strange place with no idea how you’d got there! Roll 1d6: 1 = Aboard a ship (maybe heading out to sea!), 2 = In a tree, 3 = In the back of a wagon (maybe travelling somewhere!), 4 = In the nearest stable/animal pen, 5 = In the nearest temple, 6 = In the sewer
41-48 How Embarrassing! You made a complete idiot of yourself in public! Locals snigger behind your back and consider you a complete imbecile. Roll 1d6: 1 = You emptied your bladder… unexpectedly, 2 = You exposed yourself… repeatedly, 3 = You fell flat on your face unconscious while attempting to seem intimidating/skilful/powerful, 4 = You performed the worst drunken song and dance… ever, 5 = You soiled yourself… messily, 6 = You were caught writing graffiti on a local building and forced to clean it off
49-51 I Here Swear! You made a foolish pledge, loudly and in public to do something potentially dangerous. Roll 1d6: 1-2 = Clear Nearest Monster Den/Ruin, 3-4 = Bring Down Local Bandits/Thieves/Thugs, 5-6 = Steal Valuable From Important Local (Roll as in Dangerous Liaison! to determine who).
52 Just Married! You woke up to find someone claiming to be your new wife/husband! Roll 1d6: 1-2 = Attractive, 3-4 = Average, 5 = Ugly, 6 = Pass the bucket! Judge also secretly rolls 1d6: 1-3 = It’s a con attempt, 4-6 = It’s true.
53 Love Never Dies! You woke up next to a corpse!
54 Mooooo! You woke up next to an animal! Roll 1d6: 1= Chicken, 2 = Cow, 3 = Goat, 4 = Horse, 5 = Pig, 6 = Sheep.
55-62 My Friends! You spent your money on drink, companionship, and trinkets for your new “friends”!
63 My Land! You gambled/spent your money and acquired the deeds to something! Roll 1d6: 1-2 = Disreputable Inn, 3 = Nearest Ruin, 4 = Plot of Wildland, 5-6 = Run-Down Farm. Judge secretly rolls 1d6: 1-3 = It’s a fake, 4-6 = It’s legitimate.
64-66 My Precious! When you were passed out or otherwise engaged, someone stole your single most valuable-looking item, as determined by the Judge! Track ‘em down and make ‘em pay!
67-69 Ooh Shiny! You spent your money on a truly gaudy but otherwise unremarkable item. Roll 1d6: 1 = Armour, 2 = Garment, 3-4 = Jewellery Piece, 5 = Shield, 6 = Weapon. Actual item should be determined by Judge based on amount spent, cost of such items, and the character’s preferences.
70-77 Robbed! You didn’t spend your money/treasure! Someone stole it!
78-80 Tattoo You! You spent your money on a fantastic tattoo! Roll 1d6: 1-2 = It actually is awesome, 3-4 = It’s fairly good, 5 = It has an obvious error, 6 = It has an embarrassing error.
81 Treasure Map! You spent/gambled your money and obtained a dubious map to some undefined ruin/treasure! Judge secretly rolls 1d6: 1-3 = It’s a con, 4-6 = It’s accurate.
82-89 Unexpected Companion! You woke up next to a member of your preferred gender. Determine attractiveness as Just Married entry.
90 Where’d This Come From? You awoke with an object in your possession and no idea how you obtained it! Roll 1d6: 1 = Dagger, 2 = Document, 3 = Gemstone, 4 = Map, 5 = Necklace, 6 = Ring. Judge secretly rolls 1d6: 1-2 = You purchased it, 3 = It was gifted to you, 4-5 = You stole it, 6 = It was planted on you!
91-93 Yer Mother! You seriously insulted someone who can make your life in this area very difficult. Roll to determine who as in Dangerous Liaison! entry.
94-95 You’re So Generous! You donated your money to a worthy institution. Roll 1d6: 1-2 = Local Poor, 3-4 = Local Temple, 5-6 = Orphanage/Urchins
96-00 Roll Twice! Roll twice and apply both results, you madman!


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