Relics of Neconilia

As recorded by Azzmere the Hermit between the years 1027 and 1067, as discovered by Elphias, and Steewee Tillan of New Haven, Harrow in August of 1067.

  • 255 gold, silver, and copper coins each stamped with sigil of Neconilis, a raven perched upon a skull.
  • A rusted short sword once belonging to one of Neconilis’ soldiers.
  • Dozens of pieces of pottery, broken glass, and shards of metal from The Neconoilic Dynasty.
  • A ruby pin with a tarnished silver chain bearing the sigil of Neconilis, works as a scarab of protection
  • A wooden staff topped with a crystal griffin. That is Azzmere’s Staff of Striking

Azzmere met an untimely death even in his old age before discovering any of the spell knowledge harbored by the infamous wizard tyrant he spent so many decades studying. According to legend there are five grimoires in all which contain rare and unique spells stolen, created, discovered by Neconilis.

One of these tomes was unearthed for the first time since the 3rd century in 1067 by Elphias the Wizard Diabolist of Harrow. The Neconilian Tome discovered bears the symbol of Neconilis burned into the leather cover, and the numerals II/V branded into the spine. For this reason this particular tome is called Neconilis II

Relics of Neconilia

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