This is a shop where miscellaneous dungeon and adventuring equipment can be found for purchase. The owner Trubald Mosely does not sell weapons other than bows, arrows and bolts, but will name the Smithy as the location for such items. There are 7 shields, but no other armor or mounts are available for purchase here. Persons interested in those items will be directed to the Merchant’s Quartermaster next door.

Hunting Gear & Ammunition

Crossbow 30gp
Long bow 40gp
Short bow 25gp
Arrows, 20 5gp
Quarrels, 30 10gp
Sling stones, 30 1gp

Miscellaneous Items

Beeswax, 1/2-lb 4cp
Belt Pouch, Leather 2sp
Bottle, Clay, Pint 5cp
Dice, Pair 5cp
Hand Bell 3gp
Holy Symbol, Pewter 5gp
Holy Symbol, Wood 5 sp
Hunting Horn 5gp
Lantern, Bullseye 15gp
Lute 30gp
Lyre 20gp
Manacles & Key 5gp
Padlock & Key 3gp
Panpipes 1gp
Plate, Wooden 2cp
Rope Ladder, 1-yd. 1sp
Sail Cloth, 1-yd. 2sp
Shield,(7) 10gp
Signal Whistle 4sp
Smoking Pipe 2cp+
Smoking Pipeweed / Tobacco, 1/4-lb. 1gp
Spyglass, x4 mag. 25gp
Strap, Leather, 1-yd. 1cp
Tankard, Leather 2cp
Tankard, Pewter 2sp
Tarot Deck 8gp
Twine, 100-ft. 1sp
Ukulele 25gp
Vial, Clay 2cp
Vial, Glass 12cp
Vial, Steel 1gp

Travel Gear

Blanket, Fur 5gp
Blanket, Wool 5sp
Cooking Pot, Small 5sp
Fishing Rod & Tackle 1gp
Flask, Leather 3cp
Hammock, Canvas 5sp
Skis and Poles 4gp
Slingbag, Leather 1gp
Snowshoes 4gp
Tent, Canvas, 2-Man 4gp


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