NPC Activity

Source: Jonky’s Two NPC Tables

Activity Table

1. Engaged in a game of “Truth or Dare”.
2. Discussing how a lemon wedge ended up in his/her pocket.
3. Teaches uneducated companion how to count to ten.
4. Complains about walking into companions booby traps.
5. Expresses deep secret about addiction to tree bark.
6. Singing in perfect harmony / Singing like choir boys.
7. Intense argument over companion stealing their only pair of pants. They fight it out, maybe even till the death.
8. Skins a skunk while whistling.
9. Wears oven mitt and blows on hot platter of potatoes.
10. Sits cross legged with a book in hand.
11. Intense aerobics session.
12. Nibbles on a massive slug on a stick.
13. Knitting a lovely scarf.
14. Paces around anxiously. Cabin fever.
15. Carves at a stick. Pile of wood shavings on the ground.
16. Crying over a glass of spilt milk on the ground.
17. Plays an instrument (Flute, drum, xylophone).
18. Painting rocks.
19. Combing hair with a small animal’s rib cage.
20. Moaning in a deep sleep / Talks in sleep.
21. Shaves with a daggers edge and keeps cutting self.
22. Drunk and mumbling / drooling / shouting.
23. Searching through his/her pockets for flask.
24. Juggling very bruised apples unsuccessfully.
25. Human pyramid / Leapfrog / Marco polo.
26. Eating from a massive cheese wheel.
27. Playing cards.
28. Gargling salt water for his/her sour throat.
29. Watering a pot of dead flowers.
30. Whispering juicy gossip.
31. Discussing what’s for breakfast / lunch / dinner.
32. Discussing a buried treasure chest not too far away.
33. Playing a tabletop RPG with dice / small wood figures.
34. Throwing knives into a target against the wall.
35. Discussing what to do for wife’s/husband’s anniversary.
36. Plucking flower peddles “She loves me, she loves me not”.
37. Lighting a candle, but it isn’t going smoothly.
38. Blowing nose into dirty rag / leaves black streaks on nose.
39. Massaging eyes by rubbing them in small circles.
40. Spinning a coin and trying to stop it on its edge.
41. Feeding a pet squirrel on his/her shoulder.
42. Complaining its hot/cold, hungry, itchy, tired, etc…
43. Staring at the wall and laughing hysterically.
44. Clipping toenails.45. Vomiting into a wood bucket.
46. Pulling o clothes in a panic like a bug crawled in.
47. Smoking a big ‘ol pipe.
48. Sharpening weapon with a wet stone.
49. Trying to picklock a small chest and is frustrated.
50. Exams a jewel with a jewelers eye glass.
51. Trying very hard to swat a fly.
52. Praying with nose touching the ground.
53. Discussing what to do tomorrow.
54. Discussing a great remedy for warts.
55. Hugging someone or something.
56. Birthday party.
57. Stuffing a dead body into a wine barrel.
58. Looting the body of a dead man.
59. Dental work / Pulling tooth.
60. Writing profanity with charcoal.
61. Writing a “thank you” letter.
62. Crushing herbs / pestle and mortar.
63. Talking in another language.
64. Giving/receiving tattoo.
65. Eating olives / Starts to choke.
66. Taking a bath in a small basin.
67. Cleaning the floor / table / cup.
68. Cradling a baby in arms.
69. Urinating / Blowing snot rocket / #2.
70. Drinking contest.
71. Arm wrestling.
72. Dusting / Cleaning / Organizing.
73. Hand puppet show
74. Counting copper coins
75. Putting a bandage on a wound.
76. Putting chicken feathers into pillow case.
77. Thinking very deeply.
78. Punching the wall or objects while cursing.
79. Making love to lady / man friend.
80. Doing laundry / folding clothes.
81. Meditating / Chanting.
82. Tells a story from childhood.
83. Tells how he/she got a particular scar.
84. Discussing how wine gives him/her gas.
85. Petting a small dog very excitedly.
86. Burying / Hiding something.
87. Trying to x a broken chair.
88. Torturing a person tied to chair.
89. Starting a cooking re.
90. Committing suicide.
91. Balancing many fragile vases in arms.
92. Dipping blow darts into poison.
93. Chewing a bloody rare steak.
94. Setting up a booby trap.
95. Packing to leave for a journey.
96. Reading a cursed magical scroll.
97. Eating a bowl of hot tomato soup.
98. Practicing different knot ties with rope.
99. Reading a map.
100. Crying for help / Something fell on them.

Appearance Table

1. Left eyeball is fogged over with cataracts.
2. Beard is patchy and awkward.
3. Bald shiny scalp gleams in the light.
4. Overweight.
5. Beard is braided with colored beads.
6. Slight limp when walking.
7. Hunchback.
8. Hair resembles a skunk.
9. Smells like fecal matter.
10. Acne scared face.
11. Eyebrows like a push broom.
12. Bubble butt.
13. Dreadlocks.
14. Beautiful blonde owing hair.
15. Massive hooked nose that ares.
16. Big white teeth.
17. Ginger.
18. Albino.
19. Greasy long black hair.
20. Long neck.
21. Prosthetic hook hand.
22. Pegged leg.
23. Thin, narrow face like a horse.
24. Big round tomato like head.
25. Pig like nose and a pink hue to skin.
26. Cleft lip.
27. Afro.
28. Big ears that wiggle involuntarily.
29. Blue hair.
30. Green hair.
31. Big mole on chin.
32. Eyes sunken in like dark tunnels.
33. Very red lips.
34. Cyclops.
35. Head is unnaturally large in proportion to body.
36. Overbite.
37. Under-bite.
38. Burn victim, skin on face melted.
39. Missing ear.
40. No teeth.
41. No tongue.
42. Wears a big velvet red hat with a poofy yellow feather.
43. Wears a cage on his back with a spider monkey inside.
44. Very tall.
45. Midget.
46. Big meaty hands.
47. Very sweaty.
48. Shakes involuntarily.
49. Tattoos cover entire body.
50. One arm.
51. Wrinkly dog like face.
52. Eye patch.
53. Thick/round eye glasses that magnify eyes.
54. Cockeyed.
55. Crosseyed.
56. Bulging eyes.
57. Vein protruding out of forehead.
58. Ponytail.
59. Very hairy.
60. Mohawk.
61. Smells like a pine tree.
62. Smells like the ocean.
63. Pasty pale skin tone.
64. Dark skin.
65. Blue skin tone.
66. Hairless.
67. Smiley Eyes.
68. Scar runs down face.
69. Box shaped head.
70. Necklace of small animal skulls.
71. Wears a cloak with a hood.
72. Handlebar mustache.
73. Very Muscular.
74. Body is shaped like an egg
75. Big pot belly with a shirt too small.
76. Buttcrack is always showing.
77. Bright yellow banana like shoes.
78. Wears an animal head as a mask.
79. Wears an eagles beak over mouth.
80. Carries a massive backpack full of bones.
81. Wears eyeliner.
82. Piercings everywhere.
83. Very handsome face.
84. Red tipped nose.
85. Basket of fruit on head.
86. Buttery yellow teeth.
87. Long tongue that is used to pick nose.
88. Head cannot turn independently from body.
89. Moves very robotically.
90. Long hair that touches the floor.
91. Badly sun burned, skin peeling.
92. Black eye.
93. Stiches across throat.
94. Unnaturally long arms like an ape.
95. Razor sharp teeth like a cat.
96. Conjoined twins.
97. Blindfolded.
98. Massive wall of a forehead.
99. Always smiles.
100. Wears a 3’ tall top hat.

NPC Activity

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