New Haven

New Haven is a chartered free town established in 1058 by the Duke of Bréton inhabitable to any realmlander willing to clear acres of rock and tree in an area of highly fertile soil that had once been the domain of a rogue wizard tyrant, Neconilis, centuries ago, who met his fate during a unforseen earthquake that shook the ground so mightily it created The Spires and the sunken plateau which today boasts the settlement of New Haven. Rock exhumed by the quake would later be quarried to construct the great castle academy Greyfaun, and carried by boat to expand the stone grandeur of the realm.

Several scores of realmlanders have attempted to survive in the borderlands, raising not just themselves and their families, but an entire village, including farms, businesses, and defenses. Many have found the struggle was too great and returned to the realm, some where discovered to be fugitives from justice, some became victims to barbarian or orc war parties, or other dangers of which these are myriad.

In 1062 ‘the Plague of Neconilis’ killed dozens of villagers, some the first true natives of New Haven, some of those spared were made orphans despite their fortune, all total claiming the lives of 1 out of 3 New Haven settlers almost turning the hamlet into a ghost town. However the unity of realmlanders prevailed, and orphaned children became adopted into surviving households.

As of the summer of 1067, ten poor pastoral families and several merchants remain, all made their way some 50 miles east from the Realm, having spent everything to lay stake in the incredible opportunity available to those intrepid enough to carve a living in this frontier town.

In the past five years the farms of New Haven have produced acres of Wheat, Rye, and Corn Crops. Sapplings of Apple and Pear trees have grown into youthful growths, with various livestock reproducing and increasing the prosperity of the budding village.

The town has been steadily recovering, at least until the arrival of a horde of scavenging monstrous pests began to invade the territory from the Badlands, threatening the harvest, potentially inflicting starvation on all. By writ of the Duke of Bréton, the Headmaster of Greyfaun, Sedgewick Theodore Grimm sent a troop of 30 men composed of experienced soldiers from the realm, and a good many recruits eager to embark in life in New Haven to the defense of the hamlet in the face of the crawling scourge.

As the summer sun sets in the year of our lord 1067, a scouting party of seven returned but one man after two weeks. The testimony of this soldier Content Not Found: rafel, told of a resounding success against the scavenging monsters in the Badlands, but of a terrible decimation against a fire breathing beast so fearsome every sword shattered against its scaly demon-hide.

Descendants of the Savage Kings regard this new town with a gathering disdain. Perceiving the purpose of it’s existence as a grasp of their native land. A direct action by the Realm to gradually secure a larger expanse of territory without the show and expense of military force using methods of assimilation and dispossession against the Ulfheonar clans of the borderlands.

The Jarl of Thorne has raised his voice against the realm, as the people of Thorne recover from the tragic loss of several scores of their own to a beast which haunted them for nearly one half a year. The Jarl marks the comparison of the arrival of a garrison of 30 armed soldiers from the realm to protect New Haven from a rabble of pests who wandered from the badlands towards the farms of New Haven, to the complete lack of any defense or reperation received when the people of Thorne were being eaten by the ravenous hound of Harrow.

Of the recent rumors concerning a fearsome monster lurking in the Badlands east of New Haven, the Jarl gathers interest but only in scouts, and grins in this new omen against the realm-town, New Haven.

New Haven

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