Merchant's Quartermaster

This is the place that the Trader operates his business. The goods sold here include transportation, travel gear, and large quantities of goods such as salt, spices, cloth, rare woods etc. Goods are usually exchanged through barter, rather than coins, and so they are not listed here. The Trader is very interested in obtaining furs. Inquiries for armor and weapons will be directed to visit the Smithy, Sigmund Freuh.

  • If marked* item not for sale to common men.

Transportation & Related Gear

Canoe, 2-Man 30gp
Cart, 4-Man 40gp
Chariot*, 2-Man 60gp
Pushcart 8gp
Sleigh, 1-Man 12gp
Donkey or Mule 8gp
Pony 30gp
Horse, regular 75gp
Horse, warhorse* 200gp
Barding x4 relative to the normal armor of this type
Bridle & Bit 2gp
Feed, per day 5cp
Saddle, pack 20lbs 15gp
Saddle, riding 30lbs 30gp
Saddlebags 8lbs 2gp
Stabling, per day Common Stables 5sp

Merchant's Quartermaster

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