Main Gate


The two towers of the main gate rise against the sky behind them in defiance of the natural balance between order and entropy, a force against the wildnerness of the Borderlands. From afar, good travellers and men of evil alike are able to witness the great gray fortress, by the sight of these defense points. As the wanderer draws closer to the keep they find that a long path winds towards the entrance then suddenly drops into a deep chasm that can only be spanned by the drawbridge of a willing lord. It is before this gate that many men died, either by volley of arrows,death to the chasm below, or by the gnashing fang that hunts men who linger too long outside of safe city walls.

Description By Gary Gygax

Two towers 30’ high with battlements, flank a gatehouse 20’ high. All have holes for bow and crossbow fire. A deep crevice in front of the main gate is spanned by a drawbridge (usually up). There is a portcullis at the entry and large gates at the far end of the passage. The passage is about 10’ wide and high,the ceiling above pierced with murder holes, and walls to either side slitted for archery. It is obvious that the building is constructed of great blocks of the hardest granite, undoubtedly common throughout the entire fortress. Two Men-at-Arms are always on duty and remain vigilant towards the wilderness.

Main Gate

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