Loan Bank

Description – By Gary Gygax
Here anyone can change money or gems for a 10% fee. The banker will also keep a person’s wealth stored safely at no charge if it is left for at least one month, otherwise there is a 10% fee. Loans at an interest rate of 10% per month can be obtained for up to 5 gold pieces with no security deposit; over 5 gold pieces requires some item of at least twice the value of the loan. A sign on the shop states clearly that this place is under direct protection of the KEEP, and there is always a man-at-arms in chain mail with long bow and sword watching the place from the tower.

The following items are locked behind an extravagant iron grate and put on display for sale:

1 carved ivory tusk 200 lbs- price 12,000 g.p.
1 silver cup – 50 s.p.
1 crystal decanter* – price 54 s.p.
1 jade ring – price 39 g.p.
1 dagger with jeweled scabbard – price 600 g.p.
1 fur-trimmed cape – price 75 g.p.
3 blank vellum books – price 9 g.p. each
1 gold & silver belt – price 90 g.p.
1 set of thief’s tools – price 100 g.p.
1 iron box with secret lock – price 50 g.p.

Further Description – By G.M.

A scrawny old man, a Moneylender beard white with age, works quietly behind a desk. His focus is divided between a small gold balance, with several coins on either side, and a ledger which he is using to record the delicate conversation between the gold and the scale.

A Mercenary stands guard beside a heavy iron door in the rear of the room. Armored in plate mail, and with battle axe, the sentry stands there silent, a strong warning to thieves and brigands.
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Loan Bank

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