The Keep on the Borderlands is the single greatest point of refuge in the area for many miles. A small monastery lies to the North East called St Cuthbert’s Monastery. It is upheld by the priests of St. Cuthbert, who live, work and defend the monastery from danger. However it is not nearly the fortress that the Keep is. The Keep is protected by massive walls of stone, a small army of vigilant Men-at-Arms, and officers of the veteran guard, who answer to the Castellan.

As of August 20th, 1066 a noble lord has come to the Keep with papers bearing the emblems of the Crown of the Realm, deeming Viscount Dinegelden the Sovereign Lord of the Keep. Thus marking the most important event of The Timeline of the Borderlands.

The Keep offers the services of a Blacksmith, Curate, Guild Master, Innkeeper, Jewel Merchant, Moneylender, Provisioner, Trader.

Adventurers will find the Keep has several Henchmen for hire for those daring enough to enter the wild lands beyond the borders. Henchmen, mercenaries of the Keep are often adolescent residents who have quickly grown to despise the toil fieldwork offers in place of the wealthy commissions earned by the side of adventurers. Such work is discouraged by the many families that make the Keep their home, but the honorable Lord Hategood has yet to decree the henchman’s line of work too dangerous to be worthy of his lawful banishment.

Consequently, it may be that the average age of the inhabitants of the Keep approach beyond the third and fourth decades of life. Very few henchmen reside within the keep at this later age however. And those that do are called Mercenaries.



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