Ishtar's Treasure Horde

Items uncovered by her captives; Argosa, Tinaroth, and Gwyn on expedition during their 10 week ordeal between June 8, 1066 and August 17, 1066:

• A row boat (oars lost) and a bottle of purple fluid, likely a medical sample.
• An oilskin-bound tome describing standard approaches to cart, wagon and coach construction.
• A pocket-sized book of Borderland recipes, dated _1042.
• An ashwood quarter staff engraved with a motif of intertwining leaves.
• Several bottles of Charlie Mops beer.
• A 15-pound round of mild Heffengen cheese, half of which has rotted.
• A patched, fire damaged and age-worn pennant in the colours of the town of Kemperbad on a 12-foot pole.
• A pair of tanned leather gloves.
• A throwing axe etched with a sacred oath to serve Klazath god of war always.
• A soldier’s longbow with a flask of wood oils and bowstrings.

Treasure items that were a part of Ishtar’s collection before June 8, 1066

  • A pair of Figurines (Golden Lions).
  • A tome on which is written Hizzzgrad, Daemonic Lord of Crawling Things.
  • A Scroll containing the spell Charm Person.
  • A Scroll containing the spell Ray of Enfeeblement.

Coins 500+ gp 350+ sp 1500+ cp

Objects de’ Art
Soft Fur Corset (?? gp)
Herladric Talisman (?? gp)
Sable Shoes inlaid with Silver (? gp)
Total value = ?

Peculiar Items
Darkwood Buckler (?? gp) (Small)
Unidentified Potion -——— (? gp)
Total value = ?? gp

10 x Amphora of Vinegar (80 lb)
2 x Anvil (200 lb)
6 x Bag of 20 Marbles (1 lb)
Basket (1 lb)
Bottle of Common Wine (4 lb)
11 x Bottle of Honey (4 lb)
Bottle of Vinegar (4 lb)
Fishing Net (5 lb)
19 x Flask of Oil (1 lb)
Loaf of Bread (1/2 lb)
2 x Pair of Oars (20 lb)
1 x Rope Ladder (50’) (25 lb)
Sack of Animal Feed (50 lb)
48 x Sack of Apples (50 lb)
Sewing Needle
19 x Vial of Exotic Ink (? gp)
11 x Vial of Ink (? gp)
11 x Wheel of Cheese (80 lb)

Ishtar's Treasure Horde

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