Inner Bailey

Thick walls of stone reaching 40’ high, a height 10’ above the walls of the outer bailey, encompass the inner bailey. The grounds of the inner bailey span six times the area of the outer bailey, with relatively little area lost to construction.

Lanes paved with stone run the cardinal directions and divide the bailey into four plots of fertile land each an acre in size. Each acre grows the crops necessary to preserve the keep during times of defense, but such is rare, and mainly serve to supplement the output provided by the farms nearby which rely on the keep for defense. Two of the fields are devoted to the production of Wheat, while the third grows potatoes, and the fourth grows peas. A mill stands in the wide center lane and is used for grinding the wheat grain into flour to be used for bread.

At the far end, the North CENTER of the bailey is a long courtyard comprising the welcome grounds to The Keep Fortress. The Fortress at the North end of the bailey is a magnificent sight. With the all the hard durability of fortified stone walls and all the soft grace and beautiful touches of unparalleled works of masons, sculptors, and engineers. The building is a work of art as much as it is a castle fortress.

Near the Fortress at the North WEST area of the bailey is a handsome tutor, the hall of law and order. This area is colloquially known as Court Hategood. For it is where his worship, Lord Hategood, judges the deeds of a man and the severity of his crimes.

The North EAST of the bailey grounds comprise an “L” shaped building of wood and stone. The North wall section of the building houses the Jail, and Dungeon Penitentiary, the East wall section of the building houses the Cavalry Stables.

Inner Bailey

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