House Rules

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Bend Bars Lift Gates Converting 2e to my DCC home game.

Experience Points How to reward players and encourage good roleplay.

Healing Regaining hit points through; Binding Wounds, Fortified Spirits, and Complete Rest
See also: recovering the body and Luck Check.

Revelry Have another drink, and roll on the Revelry table.

Eviscerate Efficient finishing move for daggers.

Bard A third party publication for DCC and the Mercurial Bard Performance Table for all the wacky wack good fun things to do as a bard and never get caught except when you want to.

Low Ability Scores The effects your characters will suffer if they lose enough points in an ability score.

Leveling! How to increase your stats when your character hits a new level.

Smash or Break! When attempting to break an object you have two choices; smash it with a weapon or break it with sheer strength.

Shane’s DCC House Rules A well written 8 page PDF encompassing skills for your DCC Character can be found HERE! from Othertales…

House Rules

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