Castle Road

This road is known by inhabitants of the realm as the Eastern Path, or Eastern Road because it designates a departure from civilization towards the wild uninhabited borderlands to the East. Few normal people travel at all, let alone East, and the majority of those who do never make the journey Westward again.

Savvy merchants who take the necessary security precautions against the perilous road are the general exception to the rule, along with rangers, and road wardens. Many wanted criminals also flee along the Eastern Path towards the borderlands because the odds of remaining free in the East always seem more attractive than the certain conviction and harsh sentence that awaits if captured.

As the road stretches East local lords, (and roving brigands), designate a segment of it as their own, often charging a variable fee based on subjective interpretation of the law. When the Keep on the Borderlands was established the ruling Castellan named the path Castle Road, after the enormous Keep and castle fortress, so that all travelers who followed the road would know that refuge from the wild is within a short distance.

Near the Keep, the forest edge has been pushed back many leagues from Castle Road, making the surroundings more visible, eliminating places of hiding making travelers along the road safer from ambush. In turn, enemies of the keep become more visible to the watchful Men-at-Arms who man the tower ballista and catapults.

As the road stretches further East towards Saint Cuthbert Monastery it begins to travel through a narrow pass between mountain ranges. This Northern Path is the claim of the Monastery, and the name for this path is the Road of Faith.

Castle Road

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