As of November 1066, the tiny village of Benhaste consists of three households of peasant farmers, and the Ariston homestead. Altogether ten working adults and eleven helpful children and active toddlers comprise the setting. Each of Benhaste’s farms contain at least an acre of wheat, an acre of turnips, and an acre of potatoes, and individual family gardens. Communal fences enclose the limits of the homesteads, and within these walls, the farmers care for their individual livestock; several sheep, goats, pigs, cows, and a few mules. At the time of year the adventurers arrive in Thorne, (November) harvest has come, and livestock, not given over to the purpose of human sustenance, will spend the winter together in a communal barn, where it is hoped they will be safe from the white serpent, Zuul.

A spring contest rewards he who can catch the most eels with a new cart horse to till the fields.

Benhaste has a simple ecclesiarch government, Father (Erol) Ariston; a single leader, academic alumnus of Greyfaun, Cleric of Taal and Sheriff of Harrow. His two grown sons Arnauld & Sven (ranger/clerics) assist him with civil duties.

Benhaste.jpgThe Thorpe of Benhaste


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