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  • Wizard Staff (I)

    This staff was discovered in *The Deep Cellars* by [[:gaston | Gaston]], who upon seeing it as merely a wooden quarterstaff handed it over to the young *Rhul*, a wizard that had chosen to accompany him when the party voluntarily split up in the dungeon. …

  • Sedgewick Theodore Grimm

    Regarded as one of the leading practitioners of magic throughout the civilized world. Headmaster of [[Greyfaun | Greyfaun]]. Founder of the Order of the Griffin.

  • Rhul

    *Spellburn Effects:* Ear Notched, Promised soul to demon in the afterlife, wizard alone sees maggots drip from sleeves.

  • Thulsa Doom

    Thulsa doom, is an enigmatic, noble villain. No living man can recall the youth of this man, and no tale tells of his birth. Yet many stories recount with fear, the strength and intelligence of this powerful, over-man.