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  • The Phaulkon

    The story concerning the history, engineering, and nature of the ship remain deep secrets, if they are known by anyone living at all. It is known that in times past _The Phaulkon_ has defended [[Restenford | Restenford]] and her allies.

  • Mamochi Castle

    [[File:499421 | class=media-item-align-center | castle.jpg]] This castle stands ominously atop the crown of the hill in the Dweomer Forest. It is considered, a place of chaos, evil, and darkness. None dare approach it or even enter the forest itself. …

  • Piper "Pipe" Blusterwind

    Once known to have drank an entire half tun of Amontillado (though others claim it was a Sherry) while visiting the Keep on the Borderlands, thus earning the name _Pipe_. Controversy surrounds the true identity of Pipe, or _Piper_ as he is also known. One …