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  • Acolyte

    There are three Acolytes who reside in and maintain the [[ Chapel ]] of the Keep. These young men, lead austere and abstemious lives, with the appearance to match. They follow the leadership of the [[:curate]] at all times.

  • Curate

    Behind the gray eyes, of this elderly priest contain years of wisdom, and a celestial mind full of erudite religious teachings, parables, and scripture. The Curate is a soft spoken figurehead of the church. His skin is soft and paper thin, but his words …

  • Captain of the Guard

    Ulric Lordson, is highest ranking officer of all soldiers and guards of the Keep. He has a reputation for being an excellent leader, who is kind to the simple residents of the keep, and exacts the honor of his men. His second in command is the [[:sergeant …