Tag: cleric


  • Erol Ariston

    Erol Ariston or _'Father Ariston'_ as he is known to borderlanders from the realm, is a respected leader in Harrow. He is a farmer, a sheriff, a cleric and father of two sons. His many duties require him to travel many places within the Borderland, …

  • Khumbanigesh

    The life and times of Khumbanigesh came to a close in a frigid mountain pass, near the stable of a frost giant. The arctic behemoth hoisted a great stone in the air, hurling it towards the humble cleric who desperately attempted to avoid its path... alas …

  • Gray Man

    It is not known to which government, church, and or leader the Gray men owe their inception or allegiance. One common theme associated with their presence is that of riddles, mystery and inquisition. "Secrets of the dead, Questions in the dark. We …

  • Thulsa Doom

    Thulsa doom, is an enigmatic, noble villain. No living man can recall the youth of this man, and no tale tells of his birth. Yet many stories recount with fear, the strength and intelligence of this powerful, over-man.