The Iron Box

a small metal chest




This item was discovered in a dark jail cell, located in a dungeon beneath the Keep on the Borderlands. It weighs about 15lbs and measures 6" wide, 6" deep and 6" high. The borders are carved from metal in the shapes of fanged skulls, and skeleton bones. Other strange symbols are etched on the surfaces, in the center is the keyhole, which is situated between a top row of teeth and a gruesome fanged jaw.

This item was last seen placed into a wardrobe by the Halfling habadasher Naat, in a home rented to the adventurers by the Priest.

The Waking Nightmare – By D.J.Sweimler Edited By G.McKellan
Naat bolted upright in his bed from a jarring nightmare, a cold sweat prickled upon his brow. Startled, and wide awake he stared at a shelf directly across the room. There sat the small iron chest that he had recovered from the catacombs beneath the Keep. Sitting there in the darkness he found his gaze fixed upon the empty sockets of the yawning skull, carved into the face of the little metal box. The longer he stared, the more he became aware that the chest was staring back. He lay back down in his bed snapping his eyes shut. He could hear the haunting voice from his nightmarish dream. “Open me.. OPEN me!”. He again wondered intently on what treasures might lay inside. The thought terrified him almost as much as the prospect of opening that metal lid. Pulling the blankets up tightly over his head he knew tonight had the potential to be yet another sleepless night…

The Iron Box

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