Fiery Chainmail Shirt

Of the Mad Widow Ymae


A shirt of golden mail, woven from the threads of flame. Fine enough to be worn beneath common clothes (though not armor), the shirt serves as +1 chainmail and grants the PC a +2 bonus to saving throws against cold-based effects.


The wizard, Elphias having made good on his promise, was treated to a surprise. The widow, now young, lovely, and bedecked with flowers awaited him at the door of her hovel, only within that same moment appearing at her side, a devilish form of flame and darkness. Jealously, the never-hither form confronted Elphias, and bid the magic user gone, for this duke of devils alone claimed the witch his bride. Yet, before the wizard wished this shooting star adéu, the witch wistfully kissed the goodly magician upon his cheek, and laid upon him a parting wedding gift: the fiery chainmail shirt.

Fiery Chainmail Shirt

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