Book of Horrors

Neconilis' Book of Horrors circa 267 AD


Upon reading any part of the book, the victim will see the most frightening creatures they can envision, and must make a DC 24 save vs Will to succeed in disbelieving the sighting as real, or upon being touched by the subject of the intense fear, the victim dies from fear immediately.

  • If the save is made the victim still suffers the affects of a fear spell, even if he is immune to fear and mind affecting spells, and takes 3d6 damage caused by the traumatic experience.. The effects of the fear last for 20 rounds.

See Phantasmal Killer


This book was created by the Wizard tyrant to bring hard the heavy hand of death upon any one foolish enough to peer into one of his sacred tomes of spell knowledge. The contents of the Book of Horrors contain a sigils which focus the greatest fears of the invasive reader into a single moment that manifests before them causing such terror that it the would be spell thief dies from fear.

Book of Horrors

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