White Dragon




Zuul the White Serpent Large: 31’ long, 30’ wingspan, 2500 pounds

“Zuul is a proud but playful if not naive juvenile white dragon, who has hatched 40 years ago, and has yet to belch forward his first legendary icy breath. Zuul is smarter than an orc but not as clever as a man. The White Serpent is territorial, but more interested in the cold mountain climes and easy meals than risking injury with humanoids, in the tepid valley- at least until winter comes…” ~Nothan the Younger

“He has never killed or eaten a man, yet, and finds the taste of Orc to be bland, though he has no compunction of ridding Roth Mountain of their annoying presence. He has no idea he is the center of a cult, nor does he care. Zuul finds that Griffins with men on them amuse him. He would like to chase or taunt one for fun, and then take it to his icy lair to freeze and eat it piece by piece over a few days.” ~Captain of the Greyfaun Patrol



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