Ydarí̱ Anémou

legendary flying horse


“She is, Ydarí̱ Anémou one of the greatest of all pegasi…” ~ Iona High Shield Maiden First among the Valkyrie of the Great Hall.

Her coat is always a clean, pale white, and the ends of her legs fade to a dusky shade, wearing the color of darkness, the way a sword wears the color crimson after slaying the enemy. Her mane has darkened with the ages, but hangs in perfect curled rings. Her eyes are brilliant amber and glow with a fierce fire of intelligence and beauty.


Her name means wind like water, and is of the first generation of Pegasus and Akros, the blood of the old gods runs pure in her veins. Her spirit is of Law and Goodness, and in her immortal years has never suffered a single evil to escape the wrath of her hooves that beat upon the wicked just as the honorable gavel condemns the witch to burn.

In the days before man’s record Ydarí̱ was paired with Iona Vaptistikós an immortal being, a sentient archon and aspect of the Valkyrie Shield Maidens, revered by Heathen men of the Old Faith, in the days when the Empire was younger, and man far wiser.

Ydarí̱ Anémou

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