Worldly Wiseman

merchant, councilor, and civil servant


Now this is a contented gentleman who lives a comfortable, if not luxurious existence in the moral village within the Keep on the Borderlands. He is an esteemed member of the Guild House and personal friend of Liebrecht Oldenhaller the Guild Master.
He enjoys the front pew of the Chapel on Epiphany Day, the annual celebration of the three magi who came to bearing gifts to a simple family. In contrast he is to be found in observance of the stricture to repose on the 7th day of the week, and in this the man has chooses between the guild parlor, and conversation hall.

It is the practice of the wiseman that he provide all good practicality and council those who would wither themselves beneath the burden of adventure, hardship, and danger. To settle and live an honest life, with wife and child, beneath the roof a humble home. To be a good steward to one’s neighbor, to remember the laws, and furnish the taxman with what is his.


It is the manner of this man to appeal to the logic of others. In this way he offers reasoning that is meant to resonate with his listener. He is careful to begin an appeal using honest points, but to drift towards deceiving his listener into embracing his world-view of carnal policy, hollow morality, superficial legality, and self aggrandizement. He abhors an alignment of Lawful Good, as he is repulsed by the ideas of sin, guilt, and honor of anything higher than himself, to such extent he willfully attempts to dissuade and beguile those who resonate this alignment.

Worldly Wiseman

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