Konrad Breitenbach


Adorned in the best of fur and cloth, as per the mark of a successfull merchant with little competition. He carries a rapier at his waist.
AC 10
HP 1d6


The Trader Konrad Bretienbach is very interested in valuable furs, skins and pelts. He also furnishes his business with stock in transportation, equine gear, and sacks of goods like salt, spices, cloth, and so on. His two sons assist him in the search and estimation of goods brought for trade, and help run the family business The Merchant’s Quartermaster.

Furthermore, Konrad has offered a ransom for the return of a Merchant named Adred Leiss, who was on his way to the Keep, when he went missing. Hunters in the area spotted the wreckage of a small horse drawn cart along the Strasse des Glaubens, and passed this information on to Konrad when returning to the Keep.


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