Theobert Ornagle



Level: 2
Class: Warrior
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Tracker

Attributes Value MOD Current
STR 18 +3 18
AGL 12 0 12
STA 11 0 11
INT 12 0 12
PER 12 0 12
Luck 13 +1 13

Languages: Common
Luck Ability: The Broken Star – 2x Luck Mod on Fumbles

AC Spd Ini HP Hit Dice Fortitude Save Reflex Save Will Save
13 30 +0 15 D10 0 +1 +1

Base Weapon Proficiencies:
MELEE: Club, Dagger, Quarter Staff, Hand Axe, Spear, Long Sword
RANGED: Spear, Dagger, Short Bow, Cross Bow, Sling


Theobert Ornagle is a veteran soldier from within the Realm. He now serves under the command of the Duke of Breton, who has instructed him to return to the realm that which is his. Theobert is assisted by his long-term friend Osdred Motwood who is helpful in performing the unclean aspects of the job. Under the employ of the Duke, Theobert is able to roam unharnessed from legal consequence. His efforts have resulted in the ‘return’ of countless coins and other artifacts from the Borderlands, as well as escape citizens of the realm.

Theobert has been so successful that the Duke has joined him with the aid of a small retinue of Realmlander Men-at-Arms to continue in the advancement of his duty.

Theobert Ornagle

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