The Watching Man

The Watcher at the Fountain


This haunting spirit is an omen of evil. He is the boogeyman of the Keep on the Borderlands, a spectre of the night, trapped by some foul deed from long ago. He appears to the innocent and wicked alike, as a harbinger of death. Often incorporeal and as a set of red eyes, though the stories say

Some say he is Vampire, others but a ghost, or a glimmer of imagination that torments the unrepentant soul. The Chapel Curate advises those of his congregation to eschew this dark man by virtue of the holy symbol of St. Cuthbert, and the prayers of the holy saint.

Local villagers believe he only appears once every great while, often in connection with a tragedy or violent crime. It is believed that his purposes are to lure people to drown themselves in the fountain, that he savors blood, and those that are claimed by the watcher are never seen again.

He is rarely spoken of, and given no name, so as to limit his power. Those who harbor the secrets of this spirit believe that in doing so he shall pass away when such secrets are taken to the grave.


This mysterious figure is the antagonist from Act: 1 Scene: IV The Evil Eyes

The Watching Man

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