Sergeant of the Guard

Anton Kelgore


The Sergeant wears an old suit of heavy plate mail, with a heraldric sigil on the left breast. His helm is that of an auroch, and he carries an iron shield, long sword, and dagger with him wherever he goes.


One look at the sergeant and anyone can tell he is a serious, intimidating, and dangerous killer with heavy battle scars on his face. One wrong look at him, and the 6’10" giant of a man will draw his castle blade and bellow a deathly challenge. Woe to the man who enters into mortal combat with Anton Kelgore.

Anton is a taciturn man with the dangerous reputation of a veteran warrior that loves to drink, fight and kill. Rumors abound to the manner in which he has suffered the wounds of battle scarred onto his face and body, and why he remains in the service of the Castellan, how many fights he has seen, men (women, and children?) that he has killed. But all of these secrets are the Sergeants alone, and any who still happen to have lived long enough to witness events of his life. If there are any such old guards, none have spoken, in fact so far as anyone might know Anton Kelgore is the last surviving member of the King’s soldiers before the events transpired that left the Castellan in charge.

Sergeant of the Guard

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